If whiskers make a cat...

...then bears, dogs, and yes even seals, or robot "bears" can be cats. Imagine, here i am, loving every gadget that doraemon gets from his tummy pocket (see tummies have good uses too!) and thinking that he is a BEAR!

good thing tummies don't have whiskers...

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Interesting article: Tuesday blues

As if to answer some of my friends' problem with the days of the week, there is this article from the Onion. If we'd want to skip Mondays, there is still Tuesday to contend with. Check it out.

Btw, lisa pointed out that Doraemon is a ROBOT cat.

From www.theonion.com:
It Only Tuesday

The Onion

It Only TuesdayLink

WASHINGTON, DC—Tuesday's arrival stunned a nation still recovering from Monday's nightmarish slog, leaving some to wonder if the week was ever going to end.

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Doraemon is a cat?

I just discovered that Doraemon, the loveable blue cartoon, is a cat! What kind of "fan" am I? I always thought Doraemon was a bear. Tsk tsk tsk.

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