Protect your files from prying eyes with encfs+cryptkeeper

With the ever increasing need for privacy amidst the intrusion of the government, one can use simple encryption tools to protect personal data.

In Ubuntu, you can use encfs and cryptkeeper. I tried it. Follow the steps here and you're on your way to make things harder for the intruders.

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Of Call Forwading and Cell Phones: From Hello Garci to the Glorietta Bombing

The news is abuzz about this person named Omar who claims he is from the RSM, which allegedly admitted to being responsible for the Glorietta Bombing.

Then there is this portion about the forwarding of the phone calls to the supposed number of Omar to the cell phones of Rep. Raffy Biazon and Bayan Muna deputy secretary general Roberto de Castro.

Two things are immediately clear. First, that there is the malicious intention to link Rep. Biazon and Obet de Castro to the bombing. Second, that whoever is doing this is using cell phone call forwarding to do this.

If I recall correctly, there is only one other incident where call forwarding was mentioned, it was when Doble (of the Hello Garci fame) said that he recorded the phone conversation between Garcillano and Gloria Arroyo using a phone where the calls to Garcillano have been forwarded to. This was presumably done by the ISAFP where he was working at that time. They must have the capability to do this (or at least the personnel "embedded" in the telcos to do it for them).

How easy is it to forward a call? You can try doing it in your cell phone right now. Various phones have that facility and even land lines have that a long time ago. All you need to know is the number to forward it to. It is a software switch in the telco's computers that you can turn on and off by dialing a certain sequence. Since it is just a software switch, it is not so hard to find a grain of truth in Doble's assertion that forwarding a call a different number as well as to the original phone (i.e. the "splitting") is possible.

This next part is quite easy as 1+1.

Who has the capability to forward calls? The original phone owner, aka "Omar", could have done it. He could have forwarded his calls to that of Biazon and de Castro with the obvious intent of dragging their names and their organizations to the Glorietta mess. Rep. Biazon and de Castro could have not done it because they were the ones at the receiving end of an obvious ploy to discredit them.

Senator Trillanes has said the military brass has something to do with it. And this leads me to realize that there is one other organization that could have done it. The ISAFP have already done it at least once, according to Doble, during the Hello Garci fiasco. Could they have done it again?

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