Pink penguins and sembreaks

Walking in UP campus the day after grades have been submitted is always a treat. For me, the last day of submission of grades marks the end of my semester. The campus is one of the few places in QC where there are still (standing) trees close to each other. These trees have overlapping crowns that can provide cover from the harsh sun at noon.

That's different from the cover one gets along C.M. Recto. A metrorail train and an "ICT" school provided respite from the alternating heat and drizzle yesterday. I bet these would not give us any cover from the naked fascism of the current regime in its Calibrated Pre-emptive Response. The fiberglass shields of the police serve as their own cover as they (i guess) secretly fear the wrath of more than 7,000 people who exercised their right to assembly and free speech. With all the talk and red baiting of the government and its apologists, the farmers from Southern Tagalog and Central Luzon and the urban poor community and supporters from the National Capital Region showed how paranoid the government is from its own people.

Just like the bench in this picture from http://folk.uio.no/tovear/, the "Strong Republic" of Gloria Arroyo will fall easily under the people's determined strength.


10 after 9

its has been ten days after our ninth
and i love you even more than the first


Most northerly of penguins

Doesn't really sound right: northerly.

This is a first post. The most northerly penguins are found on the equator in the Galapagos Islands. That's still in the Southern Hemisphere. So polar bears do not eat (which doesn't mean they cannot) penguins.

For more information see this Penguin FAQ.

Wondering why this talk of penguins? You've got to run like one to understand. :-)