Skipping Mondays and looking forward to Fridays

Skipping Mondays and looking forward to Fridays

A friend once told me that Mondays are so unkind.

I begged to disagree. It usually is for many, as it steals the weekend away and opens a new week of slaving on the computer at work. However, without Mondays, would we ever get our Fridays? One other online friend noticed the change in my gmail tag said that it's entirely relative. Weekends are technically part of the week, which would make it a week day... so the circular definition unbinds our cyclic weekday names to weekend-less weeks. Work without end. Amen.

Yet I agree with my second friend, it is relative. There are those days that are really harsh and would grate on one's sanity. Yet if it occurred in any other day aside from Monday, would you be cursing the day? Say Tuesday was the day unkind things happened, would Tuesdays be nailed to the cross of week days one tended to hate? Do you ever hear Garfield or saw a T-shirt saying: "I hate Tuesdays"? Nope. I think Mondays are overrated and unfairly targeted as it usually heralds the (relative) end of a weekend (The ending of which might not necessarily be bad, as some weekends can go haywire).

So while gmail tags might drive you to post to a blog and unusually bad Mondays can make you to cry, there are always four more days to smile about. Take any one of those four and you get the opportunity to add a bit of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by opening a can of cold, cold beer.


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