Mobile blogging in the room

The previous two posts are my attempts to post to this blog through my cellphone via wifi. Apparently, mail-to-blog (at least the blogger flavor) would not allow images to be attached. The most recent post was done using Google Documents and it seemed ok-- until I tried it out using different browsers in the phone. It would not load correctly since the browsers I have are not supported (Safari-based according to Nokia and Opera). There is a hack (putting "&browserok=true" at the end) but it is so slow and unreliable.

I tried also different applications-- Picoblogger, Shozu, Azure and Nokia's lifeblog. They would not let me log on to blogger so at the moment they are just software junk on my phone.

nb. I also had my first junk multimedia text with an application attached sent to me today. As with junk email, deleting the text is the best way to avoid a virus.

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